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seagull on chimney.jpgWe Pride ourselves in promoting humane animal removal, most commonly Raccoons, Squirrels, and Birds but  from time to time from Bats,  and even Skunks.  To limit this interaction we suggest a chimney cap it will also preserve your chimney from deterioration from the elements,  the freeze thaw/factor when moisture get in your home and arrest sparks from igniting nearby combustibles. If you think about it to a nesting animal or bird a chimney is essentially a hollowed out tree. Birds and animals are attracted to chimneys. Chimneys offer a nice, tall place to live with secure protection. However, animal and bird nests are highly flammable, baby birds make incessant noises that will nearly drive you mad, and if the critter can't exit through the top of the chimney, she and her babies will try and exit through the bottom - right into YOUR house!

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 Raccoons and squirrels can get into the house and cause thousands of dollars in damage to furnishings, rugs, curtains and everything in reach in their desperate attempt to escape from your home. They also harbor lice, fleas, rabies and other diseases that can put your family at risk. Most folks figure that the baby critters will grow up and leave the nest, exit the chimney top, and then you're safe to use the chimney. Not true! First of all, far too many babies cannot escape the chimney and will die in there, creating horrible odors and maggot infestations. Second, the remaining nesting materials can block the chimney so that fumes and smoke cannot escape, as well as providing fuel for a raging chimney fire. Olde Boston 's owners are wildlife enthusiasts we therefore prescribe to Massachusetts governing humane law  for animal removal for all live animals.

Chimney Swifts


The Chimney Swift - (Chaetura pelagica) An endangered species in your chimney?  In flight  this bird looks like a flying cigar with long slender curved wings. Originally, these birds nested in large hollow trees, but now they mainly nest in man-made structures such as large open chimneys. The plumage is a "sooty" grey-brown; the throat, breast, under wings and rump are paler. They have short tails. Their breeding habitat is near towns and cities across eastern North America . The nest is made of twigs glued together with saliva and placed in a shaded location. They are long distance migrants and winter in eastern Peru.

These birds live on the wing, foraging in flight. They eat flying insects. The fly closely together and making a high-pitched chipping noise. A vigilant observer can see them entering and exiting chimneys at a high speed, almost as if they were being shot out. Their flight is distinctive: they make rapid angular turns unlike most other birds. Their population may have increased historically with the introduction of Large Chimneys as nesting locations. With suitable man-made habitat becoming less common, their numbers are declining in some areas

We would much rather  you install a rain cap today than have you charged you for a animal or bird infestation removal tomorrow. 

    We provide and install Single Flue Caps  and Multi Flue Caps , Custom Rain Caps are our specialty

A rain cap also prevents leaves debris , rain and freeze/thaw deterioration , clog ups and small animal infestation from entering your Flue as well as sparks from igniting near by combustibles,

We Carry a wide variety for all types of chimneys ,  if you don't find what your looking for we can always custom make it for you.

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